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The Queen and the Conjurer  (2013) | Tarot-derived score titles and program by Dana Bonstrom
    Commissioned by the Boston Landmarks Orchestra and the Conservatory Lab Charter School.
    Duration: 9' 30"
2 (2nd dbl. Picc.).2.2.2/ Perc./Hp./ Strings
(also includes an optional/companion scoring for youth orchestra: Perc./Strings)
Fourth Chickasaw Variations  (2013)
    Commissioned by Paul and Linnea Bert for the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.
    Duration: ~23’
Instrumentation: 3 (3rd dbl. Picc.).3.3 (3rd dbl. B. Cl.).3 (3rd dbl. Cbsn.)/ Perc./Hp./ Strings
Chesapeake: Summer of 1814  (2013) for SATB chorus and orchestra; Historical Narrative by Dana Bonstrom
    Commissioned by the the Reno Philharmonic Association in commemoration of the writing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” by Frances Scott Key in 1814.
    Duration: ~28’
Instrumentation: 2(2nd dbl. Picc.).2(2nd dbl. E.H.).2.2(2nd dbl. Cbsn.)/ Perc./Hp./SATB Chorus/Strings
Fortune, Fate, and The Fool  (2012)
    Commissioned by the Lexington Symphony Orchestra
    Duration: 14' 30"
Instrumentation: 2 (2nd dbl. Picc.).2.2.2(2nd dbl. Cbsn.)/ Perc./Strings
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The Nature of Light  (2012)
    Commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
    Duration: 22'
Instrumentation: B-flat Clarinet and Strings
    I. Waves (Anthem)
II. Particles (Shape Shifter)
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Night Train to Perugia  (2012)
    Commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Tanglewood Music Festival
    Duration: ~5' 30"
Instrumentation: 3(3rd dbl. Picc).3(3rd dbl. E.H.).3(3rd dbl. B.Cl.).3 (3rd dbl. Cbsn)/ Perc./Hp./Pno./Strings
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Only Converge: An Exaltation of Place  (2012) for SATB chorus and orchestra; Lyrics by Dana Bonstrom
    Commissioned by the Grant Park Orchestral Association for the Grant Park Orchestra & Chorus; Carlos Kalmar, Principal Conductor; Christopher Bell, Chorus Director
    Duration: ~27'
Instrumentation: 3(3rd dbl. Picc).3(3rd dbl. E.H.).3(3rd dbl. B.Cl.).3 (3rd dbl. Cbsn)/ Perc./Hp./Pno./SATB Chorus/Strings
    I. Chicago, Summer of '62
II. Millennium Rising
Concerto for Clarinet and Bassoon (From Eve's of Reeds) (2011)
    Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University for Erin Svoboda (clarinet), Richard Svoboda (bassoon)
and the Melrose Symphony Orchestra, Yoichi Udagawa, conductor
    Duration: 23’
Instrumentation: Perc./Strings/ Bb Clarinet Solo, Bassoon Solo
    I. Contour and Shadow
II. Words Unspoken
III. Flow
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Pageant (2010)
    Commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in celebration of Robert Spano’s tenth season as Music Director.
    Duration: 4’
Instrumentation: 2(+Picc.).2.2(+B.Cl.).2/4.3.2(+B.Tbn.).1/Timp./2 Perc./Strings
Q.E.D.: Engaging Richard Feynman (2010) for SATB chorus and orchestra
Commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus.
Premiere performance dates: June 3, 5, 6, 2010, Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta, Georgia, Robert Spano, conductor; Norman Mackenzie, Director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus.
Duration: 25’
Instrumentation: 3(3rd dbl. Picc).3(3rd dbl. E.H.).3(3rd dbl. B.Cl.).3 (3rd dbl. Cbsn)/ Perc./Hp./Pno./SATB Chorus/Strings
I. On Waking
II. Song of the Universal
Anthem (2010) for clarinet and string orchestra
Duration: 9’
Instrumentation: Bb clarinet, strings
      Richard Feynman
Of Angels and Neurones (2009)
    Commissioned by Tonu Kalam and the University of North Carolina’s 10x10 Commissioning Project with funds from Carolina Performing Arts.
Premiere performance by the University of North Carolina Symphony Orchestra, Tonu Kalam, conductor, October 2009.
    Duration: 18’
Instrumentation: 3(3rd dbl. Picc.).3 (3rd dbl. E.H.). 3 (3rd dbl. Bass Cl.). 3 (3rd dbl. Cbsn.)/ Perc./Hp./Strings
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From the Institutes of Groove (2009) for bass trombone and orchestra
Written for Angel Subero and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.
Duration: 12’
Instrumentation: 2(2nd dbl. Picc).2.2.2 (2nd dbl. Cbsn)/ perc./strings/ Bass Trombone Solo
I. Too Jazz for Rock
II. Rising on the Wing (Perpetuum Mobile)
Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (2009)
Commissioned by Yoichi Udagawa and the Melrose Symphony Orchestra.
Duration: 20’
Instrumentation: perc./strings/Bassoon Solo
The Garden of Cosmic Speculation (2007)
This newly expanded version of 'Impressions from The Garden of Cosmic Speculation' was commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
Movements I, II, III and XI were commissioned by the Tanglewood Music Center in 2004.
It is intended that any arrangement of movements, in any order, may be selected for a given performance.
11-movement combined duration: 70'
Instrumentation: perc./hp/pno/strings
Part I: [Movement times in brackets.*]
The Zeroroom [3' 20"]
Soliton Waves [5' 30"]
The Snail and the Poetics of Going Slow [3' 30"]
Symmetry Break Terrace/Black Hole Terrace [6' 30"]
The Willow Twist [5:00] (midi/sequenced)
Part 2:
The Universe Cascade [6' 20"]
The Garden of the Senses Suite (in six movements): [total time for suite: 13'54"]
  Allemande (Audition) [2' 38"] (midi/sequenced) The Garden of Cosmic Speculation  
  Courante (Olfaction) [2' 40"] (midi/sequenced)  
  Sarabande (Gustation) [3' 06"] (midi/sequenced)    
Passepied (Palpation) [1' 23"] (midi/sequenced)
  Gigue (Vision)/Chorale (The Sixth Sense: Intuition) [4:07] (midi/sequenced)
Part 3:
Fractal Terrace [3' 40"] (midi-sequenced)
The Jumping Bridge [4' 20"] (midi-sequenced)
The Quark Walk [7' 10"] (midi/sequenced)
The Nonsense [9' 30"]
*All times based on actual performance data, not midi-realization times.
Fantasia for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra (2006)
Funded by a grant from the Fromm Music Foundation.
Duration: 20'
Instrumentation: perc./hp/pno/strings/alto saxophone solo
Impressions from 'The Garden of Cosmic Speculation' (2004)
Commissioned by the Tanglewood Music Center.
Duration: 23'
Instrumentaion: perc./hp/pno/strings
I. The Zeroroom
II. Soliton Waves
III. The Snail and the Poetics of Going Slow
IV. The Nonsense
View score. View program notes.
Notes from Childhood (2002)
Commissioned by the Melrose Symphony Orchestra (Massachusetts).
Duration: 7'
Instrumentation: strings
Notes from Childhood "The Nonsense" from The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
Photo: © Ean White,, 2006
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Pinocchio's Adventures in Funland  (1999); libretto by Dana Bonstrom                            
Commissioned by the Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center (NYC). Orchestration commissioned by the Concord Symphony Orchestra.
Duration: 30’
Instrumentation: pno, perc, strings, narrator
I. Introduction
II. Geppetto's Workshop
III. Pinocchio's Escape
IV. The History of Pinocchio
V. The Blue Fairy
VI. Pinocchio and Candleflame
VII. The Coach to Funland
VIII. The Trip to Funland
IX. Funland
X. Donkeyland
XI. The Coachman's Return
XII. The Circus
XIII. Pinocchio's Lament
XIV. A Watery Adventure
XV. Pinocchio's Return
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Greatest Hits (2000)
Commissioned by the New England Philharmonic.
  Duration: 11'
Instrumentaion: pno, perc, strings
Y2K Compliant (2000) [formerly 'Freshman Theory']
Ccommissioned by the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra (Boston).
Duration: 16'
Instrumentation: strings
Transient Episodes (1996)
Commissioned by the Riverside Symphony Orchestra (NYC).
Duration: 14'
Instrumentation: pno, perc, strings
Points of Departure (1988)
    Commissioned by the Orpheus, St. Paul and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestras
through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.
    Duration: 17'
Instrumentation: strings
I. Spirale
II. Strati
III. Visione
IV. Ritorno
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Transfigurations (1987)
  Paul Jacobs commission (the Tanglewood Music center).
  Duration: 11'
Instrumentation: harp, perc, strings
Flute Concerto (1981)
  Duration: 17'
Instrumentation: /flute solo/pno/perc/strings (