Houston: September 12, 1962 (2017)


          Commissioned by the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra

    Duration: 10'

    Instrumentation: 2222/4210 /tmp+1/str


    A Garden Feeds also the Soul (2017)


          Commissioned by Paul and Linnea Bert for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

    Duration: 21′

    Instrumentation: 3[3.pic]3[3.Eh]33[3.cbn]/4331/tmp+3/hp/pno/str

    I. The bone garden (...of death and rebirth...)
    II. the scottish worthies


    Points of Departure: Cabrillo (2017)


          This expanded orchestral version of “Points of Departure” was

    commissioned by the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music

    with support from Aviva Garrett, David Doshay, and Sage Doshay.

    Duration: 17'

    Instrumentation: 3[2.3.pic]3[3.Eh]3[3.bcl]3/4331/tmp+3/str



    Ballet Ruse (2016)


    Commissioned by the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

    Duration: 10′ 30″

    3[3.pic]3[3. Eh]3[3. Ebcl+bcl]3[3.cbn]/4331/timp+4/2hp/str



    The Cosmic Garden in Bloom (2016)


    Commissioned by the Grant Park Orchestral Association and individual underwriters to be named for the Grant Park Orchestra.

    Duration: 15′

    Instrumentation: 3[3.pic]33[3. Ebcl]3[3.cbn]/4331/tmp+3/hp/pno/str




    Sinfonia Brevis (2016)


    Commissioned by Mei-Ann Chen for the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

    Duration: 10′

    Instrumentation: 0201/2000/str


    Ascending Light (2015)


    (for organ and orchestra)


    Commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Andris Nelsons, Music Director,

    with generous support provided by the Gomidas Organ Fund, in memory of Berj Zamkochian

    and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

    Duration: 28′

    Instrumentation: 3[3.pic]3[3.Eh]3[3.bcl]3[3.cbn]/4331/tmp+3/hp/str

    I. Vis Vitalis (Grand, Majestic) ~ II. Lullaby of Tigranakert /Variations, Scherzo, Reverie ~ Coda: Aravot lousaber (Ascending light)

    score and program notes


    Imaginary Numbers (2015)


    (for oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, and orchestra)


    Commissioned by Paul and Linnea Bert in honor of their longtime friendship with

    Dede and Tony Spano, and Robert Spano, Music Director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

    Duration: 25′

    Instrumentation: 2111/2110/tmp+2/hp/str

    I. Sky and Water
    II. Duetti Misteriosi
    III. Hymn of the Five Suns
    IV. Mandelbrot’s Rondo

    score and program notes



    The Queen and the Conjurer  (2013)


    Commissioned by the Boston Landmarks Orchestra and the Conservatory Lab Charter School.

        Duration: 9' 30"

    Instrumentation: 2[2.pic]222/4231/tmp+3/hp/str

    (also includes an optional/companion scoring for youth orchestra: 5040/0520/4prc/str)



    Fourth Chickasaw Variations  (2013)


    Commissioned by Paul and Linnea Bert for the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

         Duration: ~23’

    Instrumentation: 3[3.pic]33[3.bcl]3[3.cbn]/4331/tmp+3/hp/str




    Chesapeake: Summer of 1814 (2013)


    for SATB chorus and orchestra; Historical Narrative by Dana Bonstrom

    Commissioned by the the Reno Philharmonic Association in commemoration

    of the writing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” by Frances Scott Key in 1814.

         Duration: ~28’

    Instrumentation: 2[2.pic]2[2.Eh]22[2.cbn]/4231/tmp+3/hp/SATB Chorus/str




    Fortune, Fate, and The Fool  (2012)


    Commissioned by the Lexington Symphony Orchestra

         Duration: 14' 30"

    Instrumentation: 2[2.pic]222[2.cbn]/2220/tmp+2/str


    score and program notes


    - Audio file not available at this time -


    The Nature of Light  (2012)


    (for Bb clarinet solo and strings)


         Commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

        Duration: 22'

    Instrumentation: str (min 44332)



    I. Waves (Anthem)
    II. particles (shape shifter)

    score and program notes


    Night Train to Perugia  (2012)


         Commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Tanglewood Music Festival

         Duration: ~5' 30"

    Instrumentation: 3[3.pic]3[3.Eh]3[3.bcl]3[3.cbn]/4321/tmp+3/hp/pno./str




    Only Converge: An Exaltation of Place  (2012)


    for SATB chorus and orchestra - text by Dana Bonstrom


         Commissioned by the Grant Park Orchestral Association for the Grant Park Orchestra & Chorus; Carlos Kalmar, Principal Conductor; Christopher Bell, Chorus Director

         Duration: ~27'

    Instrumentation: 3[3.pic]3[3.Eh]3[3.bcl]3[3.cbn]/ Chorus/str


    Concerto for Clarinet and Bassoon (From Eve's of Reeds) (2011)


    (for Bb clarinet, bassoon and orchestra)


         Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University for Erin Svoboda (clarinet), Richard Svoboda (bassoon)

      and the Melrose Symphony Orchestra, Yoichi Udagawa, conductor

         Duration: 23'

    Instrumentation: 2222/2220/tmp+2/str


    Pageant (2010)


         Commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in celebration of Robert Spano’s 10th year as Music Director

         Duration: 4'

    Instrumentation: 3232/4331/tmp+2/str





    Q.E.D.: Engaging Richard Feynman (2010)


         for SATB chorus and orchestra - texts compiled by Dana Bonstrom


     Commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano, Music Director

         Duration: 25'

    Instrumentation: 3333/4331/tmp+3/hp/pno./SATB Chorus/str



    Anthem  (2010)


     (for Bb clarinet and string orchestra)


     Commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano, Music Director

         Duration: 9'

    Instrumentation: str (min 44332)



    Of Angels and Neurones (2009)


          Commissioned by Tonu Kalam and the University of North Carolina’s 10×10 Commissioning Project with funds from Carolina Performing Arts.

         Duration: 18'

    Instrumentation: 3[3.pic]3[3.Eh]3[3.bcl]3[3.cbn]/4331/tmp+3/hp/str



    From the Institutes of Groove (2009)


         (for bass trombone and orchestra)


     Commissioned by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project

         Duration: 11'

    Instrumentation: 2222/3200/tmp+2/hp/str



    Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (2007)


          Commissioned by Yoichi Udagawa and the Melrose Symphony Orchestra

         Duration: 20'

    Instrumentation: 2222/2220/tmp+1/str



    The Garden of Cosmic Speculation (2004/2007/2016)


          This continually expanding work was principally commissioned by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

    Movements I, II, III and XI were commissioned by the Tanglewood Music Center in 2004, and titled Impressions from the Garden of Cosmic Speculation.

    Movements XII and XIII were commissioned by the Grant Park Orchestra in 2016 and titled The Cosmic Garden in Bloom.

          Duration: 85'

    Instrumentation: 3333/4331/tmp+3/hp/pno/str


    Fantasia for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra (2006)


          funded by a grant from the Fromm Music Foundation

          Duration: 20'

    Instrumentation: 2222/2210/tmp+2/hp/pno/str


    Impressions from 'The Garden of Cosmic Speculation' (2004)


          commissioned by the Tanglewood Music Center

          Duration: 23'

    Instrumentation: 3333/4331/tmp+3/hp/pno/str


    Notes from Childhood (2002)


          commissioned by the Melrose Symphony Orchestra (Massachusetts)

          Duration: 7'

    Instrumentation: 2222/2110/tmp/str


    Pinocchio's Adventures in Funland (orch. 2001)

    (from the 1999 chamber version)


    words by Dana Bonstrom

    Orchestration commissioned by the Concord Symphony Orchestra

          Duration: 30'

    Instrumentation: 2222/2110/pno/prc/str/narrator


    Greatest Hits (2000)


    commissioned by the New England Philharmonic

          Duration: 11'

    Instrumentation: 3333/4331/pno/prc/str


    Y2K Compliant (2000)


    (formerly Freshman Theory)


    commissioned by the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra (Boston)

          Duration: 16'

    Instrumentation: 2222/2000/str


    Transient Episodes (1996)


    commissioned by the Riverside Symphony Orchestra (NYC)

          Duration: 14'

    Instrumentation: 2222/2110/pno/perc/str


    Points of Departure (1988)


    commissioned by the Orpheus, St. Paul and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestras

    through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts

          Duration: 17'

    Instrumentation: 2222/2000/str


    Transfigurations (1987)


    Paul Jacobs commission (the Tanglewood Music center)

          Duration: 11'

    Instrumentation: 3333/4331/hp/prc/str


    Flute Concerto (1981)


          Duration: 17'

    Instrumentation: 0111/1110 /pno/perc/str (11111)

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