Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Paula’s Piece

Paula’s Piece (2015)
This work was affectionately written for Paula Peace, as a gift for her many years as founder and Artistic Director of the Atlanta Chamber Players, with the generous support of the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Chamber Players.
Duration: 7′
Instrumentation: solo piano

Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Two Pieces for Piccolo and Harp

Two Pieces for Piccolo and Harp (2014)
Commissioned by the National Flute Association for the 2014 NFA Piccolo Artist Competition.
This commission was made possible in part through the royalties from the NFA’s publication of John Krell’s Kincaidiana.
The NFA gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Mary Krell
Duration: 8′
Instrumentation: piccolo, harp
I. Meditation
II. Euphoria

Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Resin in Resonance

Resin in Resonance (2008)
Commissioned by the New Gallery Series
Inspired by the collage art of April Clay.
Duration: 13′
Instrumentation: oboe, violin, piano (four-hands), percussion

Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Trivia

Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Resonance Frames

Resonance Frames (2003)
Music to join with join with six films by Pamela Larson.
Funded by Harvard University ‘First Nights.’
Duration: 8′
Instrumentation: clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, violoncello
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Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Themes from a Midsummer Night

Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Pinocchio’s Adventures in Funland

Pinocchio’s Adventures in Funland (1999) | libretto by Dana Bonstrom
Commissioned by the Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center (NYC).
Duration: 30′
Instrumentation: piano, percussion, strings, narrator
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Jiminy Cricket

Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Geppetto’s Workshop

Geppetto’s Workshop (1997)
Commissioned by Elizabeth Ostling through a grant from the Fromm Foundation.
Duration: 17′
Instrumentation: flute, piano
I. A Piece of Magic Wood that Laughs and Cries Like a Child

II. Pinocchio Frolics with Punch and Judy, Which Incites the Menacing Fire-Eater

III. The Talking Cricket Warns Pinocchio of the Dangers Ahead

IV. Pinocchio Ignores the Talking Cricket’s Warning and is Chased by the Fox and the Cat

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Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Cable Ready

Cable Ready (1997)
Commissioned by the Core Ensemble through a grant from Meet the Composer.
Duration: 17′
Instrumentation: vc, pno, perc
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Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Grooved Surfaces

Grooved Surfaces (1996)
Commissioned by the Boston Musica Viva.
Duration: 12′
Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano, percussion
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Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Design School

Design School (1994/’95)
Commissioned by Parnassus (NYC).
Duration: 20′
Instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass, piano
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Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Caution to the Wind

Caution to the Wind (1993) | concerto for flute and chamber ensemble
Commissioned by the Koussevitsky Music Foundation for flutist Peggy Friedland and the Griffin New Music Ensemble.
Duration: 21′
Instrumentation: flute solo, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, contrabass, harpsichord, percussion
Escher | Reptiles“Reptiles” | M.C. Escher

Catalogue | Chamber/Solo :: Harlequin Sketches

Jumping Bridge | Garden of Cosmic Speculation“The Jumping Bridge” from
The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
Photo by Michael Gandolfi.
Harlequin Sketches (1991)
Commissioned by William Matthews.
Duration: 15′
Instrumentation: guitar
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